Competition's regulations

Basic rules

  1. The aim of the competition is to write a game for the Atari XL/XE
  2. There must be a least 2 entries for competition to take place.
  3. Each have to be described in DOC file(containing title of game, authors, contact, etc.).
  4. The name of files must comply to 8.3 pattern.
  5. Author of entry doesn't have to be present at the party (it means that you can bring work done by your friens, who couldn't come). In such case, if he/she wins, he/she won't receive prize (or, at least, monetary part of prize).
  6. If the entry has more than one author, presence of one of them will be enough to receive the prize,
  7. All visitors are in the jury.
  8. Under any circumstances, the publication of entry won't be delayed (even if it's unfinished party version).

Technical details

  1. Game has to be written for 6502 procesor. Using illegal instructions is forbidden. Using extra memory is allowed (via PortB, how much you wish, there are no limits). However using seperate memory bank for ANTIC and CPU is not allowed (like in 130 XE or Compy Shop; CPU and ANTIC have to operate on the same bank of extra memory). Music in the game can use extra POKEY.
  2. There are no restrictions about programming languages. You can use what you like. Remeber about taking a cartridge if a chosen language requires one or just compile your game.
  3. Using ripped part of code, graphics, music is allowed, but it have to be metioned in description file.