Grzybsoaniada 2009

Luckily, this year there were no unpleasant suprises. 33 people came, including our 2 brothers from Czech republic (hi Bobik and Zdenek!). Unfortunately, I had to leave party on Friday for a few hours. However, everobdy managed to handle without my presence - o donn't know either to be glad, or cry :) All in all, it was really worth putting all this effort to hold this event! :)

Photos taken at tha party (by various authors) are availble at - [Click here]

Competition's results - "Game Compo"

  1. Panga Ponga - Tdc - 175 points
  2. Pac - TXT - Larek/ArSoft Corp. - 163 points
  3. SSSSnake It! - Sikor/Sikorsoft - 140 punktów
  4. GILP (Game I'd like to play) - Gorgh & Caruso - 131 punktów

All competion entries, as well as one extra work and realtime txt are in ZIP archive here: [klik].