About party

Basic information

The party is organized by Maciej Grzybek also known as Grzybson/SSG. It is taking place form 9th May (Friday) to 11th May 2014 (Sunday) in Częstochowa. The party place is, simplyfying, in offices of the leisure garden called "1 May - Freedom" (in polish "R.O.D. im. "1 Maja - Wolność") at 166 Olsztynska Street. It is loacated very close to Speedway Arena of "CKM Włókniarz" club, there are some shops in closest neighbourhood. It's about 15 minutes of a bike ride to TESCO (open until the midnight!). The entrace fee is 30 Zloty, women and children are exempt.

What will be avaiable?

Of course a quite spacious room, tables, chairs, access to electricity - everything you need to set up you hardware anf have fun. I, for my part, am going to bring:

  • my extended Atari 65 XE,
  • Atari 1040STe with 4MB of RAM
  • old 486-class PC as a Realitme TXT - some kind of a log written by visitors
  • my notebook - we can have, for example "movie evevning" (I have all "Bonds", all seasons of Battlestar Galactica, Ghost in The Shell S.A.C, etc.),
  • audio amplifier.
  • a projector (so-called big screen :))


During such small event holding a competitions in all traditional categories is in my opinion pointless. There always will be not enough entries. So, there will be only one category - to write a game. For more detailed information go to "Competition Rules" section. "Grzybsoniada" is a low-budget party. The prizes won't be as cool as on Quast Party, or in Glucholazy. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that there won't be any. I'll do my best to make them interesting. You can also donate some cool stuff to me - donators don't pay the entrance fee!

That would be all of organizational matters. If something is unclear, I'll try to explain it as fast as it's possible (just give ma a sign via mail / GG).